In my family, I’ve earned the reputation of being the “fun auntie.” I’ve got nephews and nieces who visit regularly and we do all kinds of fun stuff. So I decided to create this site to share some ideas and tips with you. A lot of the things we do might be considered old-fashioned, but sometimes those are the best. I’m a believer in engaging kids in something other than video games. They have their place, but “all video games all the time” doesn’t make for a well-rounded childhood, in my opinion.

Many of the things we do are things I remember enjoying myself as a child, but I’ve also gotten a lot of good ideas from other people and from the Internet. I’ll be sharing these as well as recommending products that will help you entertain the kiddies for years to come. I only recommend items and merchants that I believe in.

I hope you enjoy my site and come back again!

Laura A.