Craft supplies

Cheap and free craft supplies for kids

If your kids like to do crafts, it’s always good to have a few cheap craft supplies on hand that can be used for a myriad projects. Here are a few things that are free to collect:

• popsicle sticks
• cardboard boxes
• paper towel and toilet paper tubes
• plastic or cardboard food packaging
• packing materials
• ruined CDs
• scrap paper
• rocks/leaves/shells/sand

And here are some arts and crafts supplies that can be had for relatively cheap:

• pipe cleaners
• fuzzy craft balls
• craft sticks in various sizes (like popsicle sticks)
• tinfoil
• construction paper
• stickers
• labels
• colored pencils
• markers
• crayons
• acrylic or watercolor paints
• floral wire (for older kids)

Various articles on this site will give you some ideas on how to use these items as well as other art and craft supplies to keep those bored kids occupied! :) I’ll also share some sources for cheap and wholesale craft supplies.