Gorgeous colored pencils for your little artist (or for you)!

A good set of colored pencils is a staple that any mom or auntie should have on hand. Made for finer work than crayons, they also are more durable. And unlike crayons, they are useful to the adults in the house as well.

I like this set by RoseArt because there are 100 different colors, although to be honest, some are quite similar to each other. However, your little artist(s) won’t mind. Here’s what some of the reviewers of this set have said:


• I like these better than Crayola; they don’t break when sharpened
• Well worth the price
• Lightweight, durable, and blendable
• My granddaughters loved them
• Awesome colors, sharpen nicely
• Stay sharp for a very long time
• Display box is kinda cool
• Felt like I was a kid again with so many choices
• My 14-year-old niece is in the hospital; it really lifted her spirits


• The pencils are supposed to “pop” out; they didn’t until my 11-year-old took the thing apart
• Variation between some colors is barely noticeable
• I wish they showed where each color goes so you put them back in the right place

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