Picture frame crafts for kids

Here’s how to decorate a picture frame with rocks, shells, or small pieces of driftwood. Use your imagination to come up with other things to decorate with, such as pine cones, feathers, dried flowers, leaves, etc.

Buy a simple wooden or plastic picture frame with a wide, flat edge. I like to get these at secondhand stores because the condition of the surface of the frame doesn’t matter since it will be covered.

First, gather pretty rocks, seashells, beach glass, or small pieces of driftwood—whatever you want to use. I used multicolored Lake Superior rocks in the frame pictured.

Make sure the frame is clean and dry before you begin. If it’s glossy, sand it lightly first so the rough surface will allow the glue to create a better bond.

Use craft glue to adhere your items to the frame. You could use hot glue, but I only recommend that for older children, and craft glue is really easier anyway. Make sure it’s the kind that dries clear, unless you’re sure the glue will be hidden. I like Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue.

You could dry-fit all the rocks or shells first, but it’s kind of challenging because you would have to be careful not to dislodge them while you’re working on it, so generally, my nephews and I just design as we go. It’s nice to mix large and small pieces to create a pleasing pattern.

For the photo frame above, I sprayed the rocks with Krylon clear gloss finish, but sometimes I leave them in their natural state.

Let it dry for at least 24 hours before hanging it. In fact, you might want to put your picture in the frame before you do the gluing so you don’t accidentally knock anything loose while you’re trying to put the picture in.

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