The joys of Silly String

We have a silly tradition at our house—a Silly String tradition, to be exact. (It’s also known as Party String or Crazy String.)

My three nephews, who live 350 miles away, stay with us for two weeks each summer, and every year, shortly before they leave, we have a big Silly String fight. Uncle and Auntie each have a can, as do each of the kids.

Generally, we like to ambush the kids when they’re least expecting it, but we do show them right away where their cans are so they can take revenge. From there on, it’s every man for himself! Of course, they love covering us from head to toe with the stuff, since they’re far less concerned about getting it all in their hair than I am.

I recommend having the fight in the middle of the yard, not near vehicles, as it can be hard to wash off if it’s left to dry on the car or the deck (yes, we learned the hard way). If you hose it off right away it’s not bad. Fortunately, it can be picked out of the hair intact, although sometimes it takes a while! But that’s part of the fun. They love having the upper hand, since it’s 3 against 2.

I usually buy the Silly String at Wal-Mart, but it’s not cheap. If I can hit a sale where it’s a buck each, that’s great, but usually it’s $3 or $4. Because it’s a beloved tradition, I don’t mind paying that once a year (sometimes twice). However, I found a better deal here when you buy by the case, as here: 24 cans of Party String. (With shipping, it comes to about $1.70 per can.) Of course, you’ll want to ration it out so that it retains its appeal and doesn’t cost you a fortune. Twenty-four cans would last us four or five visits.

So if your kids are fighting because they’re bored and cranky, give them permission to have a Silly String fight instead! Feel free to steal our tradition and make it your own.

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