Useful fun product: Mini tripod for digital camera

A flexible desktop tripod is handy for many uses, but in the context of this site, it’s especially useful for kids who are making stop-motion videos.

It helps them keep the digital camera steady so that each frame of their movie is taken from exactly the same perspective, making the finished product professional looking. Setting the camera on a book or box might work, but it’s not as safe or solid as using a small table tripod with a wide base.

The kind with flexible legs is best so it can be configured to hold the camera level on any surface. It also has a wide range of heights depending on how you bend the legs. I suggest a 10-inch tripod, such as this 10-inch Flexible Desktop Digital Camera Tripod from PriceAngels. 10-inch Flexible Desktop Digital Camera TripodAs you can see from the photo, it’s very stable.

It’s made of durable hard plastic and is completely flexible. Each joint has a 360-degree range. Rubberized feet will hold it in place. The link attachment works with most cameras.

What I like about this tripod is that it can level a camera on the most uneven surfaces, which makes it great for other purposes. You could take it on a hike and take great photos by placing it on a rock, the ground, a stump, a fence, whatever!

It’s compact size and bendability makes it perfect for travel as well. Get great photos of the places you visit by having a steady camera. No more blurry sightseeing photos. offers free shipping worldwide, so the item price you see is the price you pay, which is always nice. Click to check out this tripod!

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